Groke aluminium front doors ‑ quality through craftsmanship

Quality through precise workmanship

We want you to feel at home within your own four walls. That is why we make every effort to ensure you get the very best front door. What makes a Groke front door better than others is the combination of the state-of-the-art machinery used to process the aluminium profiles, individual craftsmanship during the production process and our specially developed profile systems. This accounts for the difference in quality.


Groke front doors are among the best products available on the German market. Their flawless workmanship, stylish design and security are unmistakeable. After all, our doors are the result of 100 years of experience in metal construction. Thanks to a profile system developed in-house, an installation depth of 90 mm and material thicknesses of up to 3 mm, Groke doors are stable and robust. The heaviness of the doors gives an impression of genuine quality.

Profile system developed in-house by Groke

Precision and efficiency

We manufacture your front door to your individual specifications, so that it fits your house like a glove. Computer-controlled saws, drills, milling machines and punches produce precision-fitting components such as the cut-to-measure frame. But it is not only our machines that work with high precision and reliability. We owe the high quality of Groke doors to the skill and craftsmanship of our qualified employees, who make sure that everything is a perfect fit.

High-precision CNC machine for processing of the cut-outs


In order to stay warm in winter, you need to heat your home. And in order to keep your heating bills low, you need good insulation. We at Groke take care of this for you. It is important to ensure that insulated glazing fits precisely. However, the processing of the peripheral seals is even more important. The incorporated glass fibre filament prevents warping and ensures perfect sealing even after many years. In addition, three sealing layers along the entire edge of the door provide a high level of wind and weather proofing. Because only a tightly sealed door offers proper thermal and sound insulation.

In themselves, front doors from Groke also offer outstanding thermal insulation. Thermal insulation is measured using the Ud value. The lower the Ud value, the lower the heat and energy losses. Our thermally insulated aluminium front doors have a low Ud value. You can look up the values for the individual doors in our main catalogue.

How we achieve a low Ud value

The requirements placed on a well-insulated front door are high. We meet these requirements through the use of the optimally insulated Groketherm GT90 Symphonie and Arcade 3-chamber profile system with added insulation in the insulation zone.

Doors are tested in a climatic chamber

Quality Assurance

Our most experienced employees are the experts who ensure premium Groke quality. Each door is subjected to thorough tests. Only doors which are absolutely free of defects and have passed inspection by our experts leave our production facilities.

Employee carefully fitting insulated glazing by hand