Legal information

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Legal information

The provider of this telemedia service is

Groke Türen GmbH
Faureciastraße 3-5
D-76767 Hagenbach

Represented by the managing directors Gerd Schaaf and Wolfgang Schank

The company is registered in Hagenbach

Commercial register: Landau in der Pfalz District Court
Registration number: HRB 33569
VAT ID no.: DE 813 999 189

Tel.: 0721/5982-0
Fax: 0721/5982-55


Responsible for the content:

WWW: Gerd Schaaf (see above for address)
Facebook Deutschland: Gerd Schaaf (see above for address)

Information on Online Dispute Resolution

EU Commission platform for Online Dispute Resolution:

We expressly draw your attention to the fact that we are neither willing nor under obligation to participate in dispute resolution proceedings in front of a consumer arbitration board.

Liability for own content

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Liability for the content of Internet offers of third parties

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The responsibility for this third-party content lies solely with the provider of the content. The third-party Internet offers are checked before reference is made to them. However, we accept no liability for the completeness or accuracy of information referred or linked to. The content of the other Internet offers may be changed without our knowledge at any time.

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Changes to the information provided

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Protected content

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