Kreadoor configuration tool

Kreadoor configuration tool - put together your own front door


What is the first, most important thing you notice about a door? Clearly, it's the design. Only then do issues such as the insulation value, sound insulation and security come into consideration. Of course, our aluminium front doors shine in all these respects.

To make your decision for a Groke door easier, we offer you the Kreadoor configuration tool, which allows you to configure your door to your satisfaction and insert it into a photo of your home in exactly the right size. This way, you know right from the outset how well a Groke door will suit your house.

"Progress is not about improving what already exists; it's about aligning yourself with what will be." Khalil Gibran


  • 105 infill panels (model designs) are available
  • Campaign Kreadoor with the current offers
  • The 8 most common types can be selected
  • A total of 7 preferred colours are available in gloss or fine texture, and there are also around 190 RAL colours that can be freely selected
  • 16 variants of wood finishes (Decoral)
  • 15 glass types and a variety of model-dependent glazing motifs
  • A wide range of accessories



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