Finger scanner

ENTRAsys GD access system from Groke

Open your front door with the touch of a finger

The ENTRAsys FD fingerprint system opens your front door based on biometric identification at the touch of a finger. The extremely reliable and inexpensive ENTRAsys FD access control system opens your front door without a key or access card: Your fingerprint is your unique access authorisation, and one you can’t forget or lose.

Product details


Simple access management makes programming and deleting the fingerprints child’s play for the administrator. Between 50 and 80 fingerprints can be stored – the individual number depends on the complexity of the fingerprints. Up to 9 fingerprints can be assigned administrator rights. Independent of the administrator rights, every ENTRAsys FD has an individual master PIN. This means that access is still possible in an emergency (e.g. failure of all admins).


The ENTRAsys FD system cannot be manipulated: a real, "live" finger is required to gain access. However, if necessary, administrators can specifically delete individual fingerprints even when the user in question is not present.

Wireless connection

Thanks to Somloq Rollingcode technology, the encrypted wireless connection to the door receiver offers extremely high transmission security. Four channels can be controlled (e.g. front door, lighting, alarm system, etc.). Moreover, the ENTRAsys FD is navigable: It recognises up and down movements, allowing targeted selection of functions and memory positions.

Powerful and energy-efficient

ENTRAsys FD is equipped with a latest-generation stripe sensor. This ensures high processor performance and low energy consumption.


Using the frequency FM 868.8 MHz and 4-channel radio technology, the finger scanner is flexible in use. You can control exterior lighting, an alarm system or a door operator in addition to the door.


The design of the access system is modern and discreet. No display is visible when the system is not in use ("Clean Look").

ENTRAsys FD (German)

Technical data

Designation ENTRAsys FD
Item no. 22055
Frequency FM 868.8 MHz (Somloq Rollingcode)
Range* approx. 25 m
Power supply AC 12 V, DC 12–24 V
Temperature range -20°C to +60°C
Dimensions 87 x 47 x 31 mm (finger scanner)
36 x 34 x 36 mm (radio receiver)
Protection class IP 54

*) Depending on the surroundings