Access system ENTRAsys+ from Groke

Open your front door with the touch of a finger

The ENTRAsys+ fingerprint system opens your front door based on biometric identification at the touch of a finger. The extremely reliable and inexpensive ENTRAsys+ access control system opens your front door without a key or access card: Your fingerprint is your unique access authorisation, and one you can’t forget or lose.

Product advantages

Opening via fingerprint
You can open doors and gates easily with a fingerprint thanks to the biometric detection system.

Quick detection 
The modern stripe sensor ensures a high and fast rate of fingerprint recognition.

High memory capacity
50-80 prints can be stored, depending on the complexity of the fingerprints. Up to 9 prints can be assigned administrator rights. These administrators can then share or withdraw access rights.

Excellent protection against manipulation
Live finger recognition prevents manipulation using duplicate fingerprints. Only the print of a ‘live’ finger identified and stored in the system can be used to gain access.

Safety thanks to encrypted radio control system
This access system offers maximum protection against hackers thanks to 128-bit AES encryption with Rollingcode. Backward compatibility of the transmitter to the Somloq Rollingcode radio control system is always available. Unlike wired systems, no short-circuiting or bridging is possible.

Adjustable functions
The integrated lighting and heatable scanning area offer added convenience. Time-delayed transmission can also be set. In the event of repeated unauthorised attempts to gain access, the Access Control function allows you to send a radio command to a further receiver which is connected to an alarm system, thus offering added security.

Access control system for house doors

  • Encrypted and secure-transmission wireless connection between the finger scanner in the door and radio receiver in the door profile
  • Unlike wired systems, no short-circuiting or bridging possible
  • System data is retained and the door remains securely locked in the event of a power failure.
  • Flexible usage options in addition to the door, e. g. exterior lighting, alarm system and gate operator can be controlled
Please note the following information

A Secury automatic lock with 3-point deadlocked latchbolt and automatic opener function (# 30028) is required for operation. The automatic lock can only be used on doors which open inwards.

Scope of delivery

ENTRAsys+ incl. core module with scanner unit, faceplate in brushed stainless steel, radio receiver for door profiles

# 22052

Technical data

Designation ENTRAsys+ House Doors
Item No. 22052
Radio control system SOMloq2
Radio commands 4
Frequency FM 868.8 MHz, FM 868.95 MHz
Range Approx. 25 m (depending on the surroundings)
Memory locations 50–80 fingerprints
Administrators 9 fingerprints
Temperature range -25 °C to +65 °C
Power supply AC 12 V, DC 12–24 V
Dimensions Finger scanner:
87 × 47 × 26 mm
Radio receiver:
120 × 24 × 37 mm
Protection class IP65