The heart of every Groke door

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Groke aluminium front doors stand out from the rest

Many other manufacturers use bought-in profile systems. Not Groke: We developed our own profile system and have continually optimised it right down to the last detail.

An installation depth of 90 mm and material thicknesses of up to 3 mm make Groke doors stable and robust. The heavyweight construction and safety features already included in the standard equipment offer reassuring protection. A stable joint between the frame and sill facilitates installation and ensures that the structure will be extremely resilient and durable.

As a standard feature, three sealing layers along the entire edge of the door provide a high level of wind and weather proofing. Because only a tightly sealed door offers proper thermal and sound insulation.

Basic equipment

Profile system

Wall thickness of up to 3 mm

Wall thickness of Groke aluminium front doors
  • Extremely torsion-resistant profile
  • Very high structural stability
  • Secure hold for lock and hinge bolts

Installation groove

Installation groove for Groke aluminium front doors
  • For concealed frame screws
  • No screw heads visible
  • Easy to install

Three sealing layers

Three sealing layers on Groke aluminium front doors
  • Continuous centre bar and interior seal on all four sides without interruption
  • Three-sided exterior seal along edge
  • No visible warping as a result of glass fibre in the sealing layers
  • All sealing layers mitred and glued
  • Attractive appearance, no need to replace the seal, even after many years of use

Corner joints

Stable corner joints on Groke aluminium front doors
  • Mitred profiles are screwed, glued and bolted
  • Extremely stable


Two security pins

Security pins on Groke aluminium front doors
  • In the top and bottom section as protection against break-ins
  • Prevent the door leaf being pried out of the frame

Three-point hook bolt lock

Locks on Groke aluminium front doors
  • Saw-proof multiple lock
  • Equipped with a claw bolt at the top and bottom
  • For optimum protection against break-ins

Circular key rosette

Circular key rosette on Groke aluminium front doors
  • In high-quality stainless steel on the exterior
  • Including profile cylinder lock with emergency function
  • Allows unlocking even when the key is inserted on the inside

Standard cylinder

Standard cylinder on Groke aluminium front doors
  • 60 / 40 mm with five keys

Thermal insulation

Insulation zone with additional insulation

Insulation zone on Groke aluminium front doors
  • Infill 42 or 94 mm
  • With high-insulation thermal foam, depending on the profile type
  • For extremely high thermal insulation values

Door hinge

Three door hinges

Three door hinges on Groke aluminium front doors
  • Three-dimensional adjustment possible without removing the door leaf
  • Continuous sealing layers
  • Easy adjustment of the door
  • Flexible adjustment


Weather strip

Weather strip on Groke aluminium front doors
  • Drains water away from the sill area
  • Riveted to the door leaf

Door sill

Door sill on Groke aluminium front doors
  • Thermally insulated aluminium door sill for older buildings (standard)
  • For new buildings: PVC floor recess profiles 25/50/100 mm, can be combined as needed (surcharge)


Interior lever handle

Interior lever handle on Groke aluminium front doors
  • Available in RAL 9016 (see illustration), in EV1 or C34


Powder-coated surfaces

Powder coating on Groke aluminium front doors
  • In-house high-quality powder-coating plant
  • Corrosion protection
  • Wide selection of colours
  • Durable surface finish


Glazing on Groke aluminium front doors
  • Choice of various decorative glass panels
  • Triple glazing P4A / WSG

Optional equipment